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 David  Hernández

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Talent Industry leading creative ideas to make your business stand out!
Strong Communication – We’ll keep you updated every step of the way
Professionalism at it’s finest – deadline oriented
Well Established – 10 years in the business. Not fly by night.
Education – We are specifically educated in the field of Design & Media Arts, Computer Science 
Our clients come back – Read our testimonials
Success – We succeed by helping you succeed. We’re in this together.

We are creatives and professionals that blends his creative vision, professionalism and personalized service into a unique company that continues to grow on this demanding industry. We have worked with a variety of clients including Law Firms, Medical Facilities, Entertainment Industry and Personal Projects to name a few.

Our approach is simple: Everyone small or large deserves to have a brand that is professional, exceptionally creative and blows their competition out of the water. We are here to make your vision and ideas come to life. Let Us be your one stop shop for all your creative needs. We can help with your next web project, graphic design, photo & video production or with your marketing goals.

Words Of Blessing

Our Objective is to use our gifts and resources by making them available to those who are in need of listening to the words of life taught by Christ and written in the Bible.
Our duty as believers is to spread the faith and the good news that comes from God, using the means of communication available to make them reach the most inhospitable corners in the world.
Technology is a great tool of great importance these days that knowing how to use can serve in our purpose to preach and pray for those most in need. Having overcome the barrier of distance and the masses, our next step is to dominate the most influential tongues today to be more efficient and to arrive more naturally to the hearts, knowing that the Holy Spirit is the one who does the work.

It is a nonprofit organization whose mission and commitment is with those in need for the use of technology as a learning method, those that are working God’s paths or those who teach others.

Techs For Christ

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